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제조사 Roche Bobois
원산지 Italy
브랜드 3
사이즈 412 X 385 X 465
판매가격 0원
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Dimensions: W. 240/331 x H. 64 x D. 111 cm

Other Dimensions:

          Large 4-Seat Sofa : W. 260 x H. 64 x D. 111 cm
          Large 3-seat sofa : W. 240 x H. 64 x D. 111 cm
          3-Seat Sofa : W. 220 x H. 64 x D. 111 cm
          2.5-seat sofa : W. 200 x H. 64 x D. 111 cm
          Armchair : W. 115 x H. 64 x D. 111 cm
          Ottoman : W. 80 x H. 41 x D. 80 cm

This product, like all Roche Bobois pieces, can be customised with a large array of materials, colours and dimensions.
Our showroom advisors are at your disposal and will happily provide you with any additional information and advice.


상품 상세설명


Upholstered in TENDRESSE leather, cowhide, corrected embossed grain, matte pigmented finish. Contrasting stitching. Adjustable backs, multi-positionning (H. 92cm), manual mechanism (available with electric mechanism with remote control). Seat cushion in HR foam 40kg/m3. Back cushion and lumbar cushion in HR foam 21M. Structure in solid beech, plywood and particle board. XL elastic straps suspension. Base in black-stained solid beech.
Manufactured in Europe.


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